How Can Employers Attract Potential Talent Through Virtual Exhibitions?

How Can Employers Attract Potential Talent Through Virtual Exhibitions?

The current shift from big exhibition halls and one to one communication to virtual exhibitions and interviews has got everyone thinking about new strategies and how to attract potential talent. Since the traditional techniques of recruiting, people are operating differently after COVID 19, online exhibitions and events have become the center of attention when finding the best match for a position in an organization.
Whether you prefer attracting talent through job fairs or recruiting your employees during exhibitions, know that most organizations have hinted towards shifting their events to digital. If you are a company that needs to hire top-notch talents but a limited awareness of employer and brand, you will defiantly need to do something more than just attending a virtual event and making your pick.
You might have listed down the perfect criteria for your ideal candidates. You have perfectly written the job descriptions and, your managers are on the line to answer questions about your brand to the masses, but you are not getting the attention you thought you would. And the only reason for that is that you did not project yourself as a winner as compared to your competitors.
Even though virtual exhibitions have been around for a while now but after the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19, it has become an absolute necessity. Employers are frantically looking to recruit top talent amidst the global pandemic, while the talent is just as eager to give a boost to their careers by finding the best place with excelling connections.
If you feel like you can do better in recruiting employees, here are some tips that can help you out!

Activities and Interactions:

One of the best ways to spark interactivity in virtual events is to include gamification, such as leader boards and scavenger hunts. These activities do not only engage participants but also help them explore and reach interesting spaces within an exhibition.
If you manage to feature your organizations in activities like this, you will surely get recognition and catch the crowd’s attention. This gesture will also offer a positive, fun, and energetic image of your brand and will encourage people to approach you and make connections. All you need to do is talk to the exhibitor and get your gamification experience up there and, you will see a noticeable change in how people perceive your brand.

Create an Eye-Catching Exhibit Booth

The best thing about virtual exhibitions is the number of choices you have to customize your booths. You can create customized graphics, panels, and infographics bound to catch your guest’s and participants’ eyes. Another thing that is gaining popularity among exhibitors is 3D visuals and graphics and, something like this is impossible to ignore!

A Lasting Impression

Ensure that you explicitly define your organization’s missions and goals and what some things make you better than everyone else. The best way to do this is to think about everything you would want to say if you only had 3 minutes to talk about what are some exceptional things that your organization can do for someone’s career.
Once you have caught the participants’ attention, you can play videos, teasers, testimonials, and documentaries about your organizations and showcase your office culture. These small little things will get you the perfect candidates and, you can make your job easier by offering participants to apply for a job right then and there!

Don’t Forget to Provide Useful Information.

The last and the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is to provide all the necessary details and documents that your target candidate will need to go through later. It could be contact information, packages, benefits, and anything that you think might spark your candidates’ interest in you.
Be among the first employers and exhibitors to shift towards the virtual world and be a step ahead of your competitors. This season, any organization cannot afford to stay behind or be left unprepared. You need to adapt and evolve quickly and efficiently. The time to bring the change is right now!

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